Friday, February 19, 2010


Just got back from my first Magic trade show in Las Vegas. It was a good show but different from the past trade shows that I've attended. The fashion industry show are much more subdued then the others. I saw a lot of bedazzled tight fitted tees, Ed Hardy and what ever else that were obnoxiously goddy. It's definitely a different industry. Made new friends and artist that were the coolest people.

Taylor Reeve and I were out there again with Skullcandy to do some live paintings. I think we both made good contacts at the show that we will for sure follow up on. Took a lot of photos, met famous people. All in a days work hahaha. On to the next.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jay-Z my Jigga

Just got these two paintings of Jay-Z done this morning, it took me 7 hours to do. I thought I'd get back into doing what I love again and that is to do portraits and more importantly portraits of hip-hop artists. I started out doing these way back in 1998 when I was working at Tower Records where I was surrounded by music and cd covers. I studied, practiced ad experimented a lot on illustrating and painting faces. So here I am again doing something that I'm a 100% comfortable with. They'll be more of these to come. Also I'll be going to the Magic trade show in Vegas and will bring a print of these a long just in case I meet the big man himself, wish me luck.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Dentist painting

Here is a new dentist painting I just did for the Seattle Study Club. Love the way this turned out. I've always painted the portraits on illustration board but this time I thought I'd try it on wood. I want to change it up and do something different this time and experiment a little. I'll probably do more from now on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

SIA 2010 Denver bound

Well it was a great show, in a new location. Skullcandy called me up a week after my group show with Scion. I was so excited to hear from them again. Had to make sure that it was for sure this time around.

Anyway this time it was in Denver, a new location for the show after a long long time in Vegas. Everyone was great, a lot of new faces at Skullcandy this time around and some old friends. Mike Robles (DJ Mike Bless) was my roomie for this trip and we had a good time catching up. The show was good but this time I'm not stressed about getting all the brochure being that I don't have to bring it home to a work environment anymore.

This time Skullcandy brought a few artist in to help with the show. It was me Taylor Reeve, Brandon Christensen and Tim Odland. We all had to paint on canvases so it could be given away to Skullcandy's top vendors that sell a lot of products. We spent over a thousand bucks buying art supplies to prepare for the show. It was good to have different styles at work there at the booth. After 3 days I think I was ready to head home. Thanks Skullcandy, hope to work with you again and maybe see Denver again next year.