Saturday, April 24, 2010

Furion Cellars

I was introduced to Micole Miller the owner of a winery here in Everett Washington called Furion Cellars ( from an old childhood friend of mine Tam Dang. From just meeting Micole a couple of times I can tell he is very passionate about everything that he does and is a fan of. You can talk about anything with him and the conversation can go on and on from one subject to another. You don't find a lot of people like Micole out there that is into what they do. I guess the word here is passion and being 100% passionate about what you like to do. I am that way with my art and Micole is with his wine. Both are creative in their own way.

Micole had a wine tasting opening today at his winery here in Everett and asked if I was interested in doing a nice art piece for the event. This was a first for me to do something wine related and thought it would be a great chance to do something different for a change. He told me what he wanted and I told him my ideas of what I think would look cool. I came up with a sketch and on Saturday the day of the opening I came by to work on this piece. I love how it came out, the colors are so vibrant and the subject matter with the raven is a first for me. Everyone liked it at the end and Micole was satisfied with how this day went. Here's to more openings cheers!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Just got this done two days ago. Met some friends that work for Vans helmet line called Pro Tec at the SIA show in Denver this past Feb. While I was working at the Skullcandy booth painting they ask if I want to do some one off on some helmets. So they sent this to me to see what I can do on it and Voila! This is a new canvas for me, it was fun to do, I hope they would want me to do a whole line of them for Pro Tec. Who knows, crossing my fingers.