Saturday, April 24, 2010

Furion Cellars

I was introduced to Micole Miller the owner of a winery here in Everett Washington called Furion Cellars ( from an old childhood friend of mine Tam Dang. From just meeting Micole a couple of times I can tell he is very passionate about everything that he does and is a fan of. You can talk about anything with him and the conversation can go on and on from one subject to another. You don't find a lot of people like Micole out there that is into what they do. I guess the word here is passion and being 100% passionate about what you like to do. I am that way with my art and Micole is with his wine. Both are creative in their own way.

Micole had a wine tasting opening today at his winery here in Everett and asked if I was interested in doing a nice art piece for the event. This was a first for me to do something wine related and thought it would be a great chance to do something different for a change. He told me what he wanted and I told him my ideas of what I think would look cool. I came up with a sketch and on Saturday the day of the opening I came by to work on this piece. I love how it came out, the colors are so vibrant and the subject matter with the raven is a first for me. Everyone liked it at the end and Micole was satisfied with how this day went. Here's to more openings cheers!

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