Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scion 2

Mike Ennen called me and Norman Roque to come out to Portland for Scion's corporate dealer meeting. Scion asked that we come out to finish up the car that we've started and also be the "entertainment" for the evening. It was an honor to be asked again and cool to hang out with the guys again. We got to see some new Scion model cars that was exclusive that haven't been seen by the general public. I brought my two cousins Al'n and Hien to come document the event and to make contacts. It was fun carpooling with them, kind of like a guy's road trip.
The weather was excellent, last time we were there it was all wet and rainy so I didn't have a good impression on Portland. We all hung out, Norman brought his wife and we all had a great time. Thanks Mike and thanks Scion, lets do it again real soon.

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