Sunday, June 20, 2010

O'neill Freaks!!!!

The summer collection of board shorts are out I just got a chance to check it out on the O'neill website. The new Assault Freak board shorts design I did last year are finally out this summer. This is a graphic painting that they asked me to do that is not related to the Byerly Freaks. Glad that O'neill is letting me do other lines, maybe there will be more in the future. I've included the original paintings that I did for it.

As for the Byerly Freaks not only did this new color version came out (black and gold) but found out from Mr. Byerly himself that they made shirts out of the same graphics also. I was so stoked to see them yesterday when they came to my door. In a roundabout way this is my first shirt graphic for O'neill. Thanks Scott and O'neill for making it happen, maybe this will be a beginning???

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