Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turning the big 4-0

Wow, what can I say it's official I'm 40. I feel the same as when I was 39, but I guess the pain and aches will creep in later. Well some would say that this is a great accomplishment but for me I'm starting to feel a little older. In my 30's I could remember thinking ahhhh it's just a number but then you start to feel the aches and stress of everyday living. Having kids would make you feel even older but who has time to think about it at that moment. 40 makes you think of a lot of stuff, like how's everything going so far? Is everything ok or will it be ok? It's like the state of the union address but in this case it's your life and your family. So I guess we will have to just sit back and see. I'm just so lucky to have a great family with 2 beautiful healthy kids and a lovely wife. Thanks to them and here is to another 40 years....cheers!

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